Oxyzone Therapy



Model 0019–GWP

This is an Analog medical ozone generator model, perfectly calibrated and adjustable from 7 to 98 micrograms per ml at 1 to 2 litres per minute medical oxygen feed. This medical ozone generator is popularly used for Ozone Discolysis, Autohaemotherapy, Cardiac dialysis, Rectal / ear / vaginal insufflation, ophthalmology and gynecology. One of the World's only two medical ozone generators (alongside the 0023 Digital medical ozone generator), to be equipped with Auto-Correcting Sensor systems - to auto-regulate Ozone output to the exact ug/ml as set by the practioner, inspite of any fluctuations of oxygen feed from oxygen cylinder. Welcome to the Future!
WATCH the device Video here! : 0019GWP


  • Analog medical ozone generator model. Adjustment from 7 to 98 micrograms per ml.
  • Self cooling medical ozone generator. Supported by timer.
  • Ozone output is auto regulated by FQS and ACMT microprocessors inside.
  • Calibration of medical ozone generator by latest technologies available.
  • Exported all over the World.
  • Medical ozone generator Admired for its heavy duty nature and user friendly interface.
  • Light weight and portable.
  • Medical ozone generator Economically priced in terms of the Global market.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions of medical ozone generator : 340 mm x 360 mm x 125 mm
  • Power Consumption of medical ozone generator : 10 Watts, 220 Volts, 50 Hz per 1000 mg/hr.
  • Medical Ozone Production from medical ozone generator : 7 to 98 micrograms per litre.
  • Recommended feed : Medical grade oxygen
  • Room Size that can be treated : 2,000 Cft approximately*
  • Oxygen flow : 1 to 2 litres / min, dry and filtered
  • Safety : Electrically intrinsically safe. Not recommended for direct inhalation. Should not be used continuosly in a closed room. Should use the support of timer provided.
  • Environmental Issue : No harmful byproduct.
  • Special Feature : Advanced medical ozone generator model with Auto-Correcting Ozone sensor system.
  • Restriction : Not to be used with lid open.


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