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Welcome to OzonePedia


nter the world of your very own encyclopedia on Ozone. We know all the basics like that this gas protects us from the harmful cosmic rays by its unique layer formation above the stratosphere, we are scared when we find that there are wholes formed in the layer and that it is harmful if we inhale it substantially. Ozone is responsible for formation of smog (disputed) and some countries use ozone going beyond protocol

Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen and available in nature in gaseous form. It has three atoms of oxygen in its molecule. Because of this third oxygen it shows distinctly different properties that come to our benefit.

It is a very strong oxidant, an ideal deodouriser and strongest disinfectant on earth.

OzonePedia is the one-stop resource centre for students, scientists, makers and users for relevant articles from the world over. This is where you can discuss the technical principles, know about different ozone manufacturing hardwares and versatile developments in industrial applications. Because of the efficacy and economy, apart from the environment friendly approach, its uses have been extended to almost all the industrial activities. But the uses are limited to only very specific applications where knowledge on the subject is required.

This encyclopedia strives to provide you most authentic scientific analysis without any bias. We try to bring standardization in ozone application processes and in ozone testing. We are growing with your feedbacks and suggestions. We invite your inputs and suggest you to go through different sections to make the purpose successful.

Ozone Discolysis

In medical applications, Ozone has its own share of controversies. Apart from that the scientists and medical practitioners have developed different protocols and used it for remedy of several critical complications.


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