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Mineral Water Model


Mineral Water Model

It has been made mandatory by Government of India for packaged drinking water manufacturing that after all kinds of recommended treatment, the product water has to be essentially ozonised before final packaging. It is considered that without Ozonisation, the water cannot be fully sterilized and also the increase of dissolved oxygen content is of utmost importance to render it to a healthy drink. Product water is usually required to be ozonised at a rate of 2 ppm or 2 mg per litre. The organoleptic property of the water depends largely on the proper calculation and calibration. Often the popularity of the brand is determined by its extent of Ozonisation. The machines from this range are successfully running for many years in many bottling establishments of Bisleri, Kingfisher etc. These are timer protected and with inbuilt power supply boards. The feeds can be air or oxygen.  Units are impeccably tested and calibrated before passing the quality control check. The manufacturing facility is certified by ISO 9001-2008, CE (for export to European community) and Indian Water Works Association.

Machines are tested by UV absorption method (Beer Lambert’s Law) and by the latest Ultrasonic methods. Excess ozone destroyer is also used wherever necessary. Unfortunately, there is a stunning shortage of facilities for testing ozone in gaseous or in dissolved state. Mineral (Packaged Drinking) Water manufacturers are therefore, regularly misguided by the suppliers, at the cost of their brand value. We have opened up a free ozone testing laboratory for makers and users alike, to bring a sort of standardization in the market. Ozone in dissolved state is determined by Winkler’s Method or by Redox potential meter. Ozonisers are not expensive and very much serviceable. Some basic knowledge input is only necessary for the users. Any small brand can strongly fight with the ruling brands in the market through active oxygen content in its product water or through proper Ozonisation.

NISA – P – ECONOMIC Models are available from 500 mg per hour to 25 gms per hour with dual feed with or without oxygen concentrator or compressor.
Difference between Medical models and Economic models is that the former is capable of manufacturing ozone at more than 7% concentration, whereas the latter is expected to do that at average 3% concentration only. But this measurement is just more than sufficient for the Ozonisation of treated packaged drinking water. Write to us with details of your proposed or existing setup to get a full commercial and technical view of the products you need.