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Ozone Discolysis

In medical applications, Ozone has its own share of controversies. Apart from that the scientists and medical practitioners have developed different protocols and used it for remedy of several critical complications.



Ozone has got versatile use in industries for solutions to critical problems. These applications are environment friendly, economic and very efficient in comparison to other conventional processes. But ozone has always got its share of controversy being toxic or harmful, as if chlorine is not that. Coupled with that, there is a myth that ozone generators are expensive.

But the fact remains that ozone can solve many seemingly impossible problems with an wonderful ease. Many of those application procedures have still not become popular simply they hve not been included in the University study materials. But, ironically, many Unversities and Government bodies are continuously suggesting their uses in their official websites.

Let us see the spectrum of ozone applications through authentic articles.

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1 White Paper (Food)
2 Bleaching by Ozone
3 Application of Ozone in Cooling Tower - NALCO
4 Waste Water Treatment - Advanced Technologies
5 US Govt. Document on Ozone in Cooling Tower
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