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Ozone Discolysis

In medical applications, Ozone has its own share of controversies. Apart from that the scientists and medical practitioners have developed different protocols and used it for remedy of several critical complications.


Organizing camps for awareness generation, help poor and encourage talented scientists





In collaboration with O.A.S.I.S., world’s supreme standardization and calibration body on Ozone generation and a guiding body on research on ozone safety and applications, OZONEPEDIA organizes camps and workshops for aware generation among the mass and dispel the fear and confusion about the same. The basis facts the people have to realize are:

  • Ozone Generator is not expensive
  • Ozone application is easier and safe
  • Recurring cost of producing ozone is very nominal
  • Unused ozone quickly gets converted to elementary oxygen
  • Ozone acts very fast but does not leave any toxic residue

It is obvious that Ozone can not reply to any questions or difficulties, but in selected areas, Ozone is found to be extra-ordinarily successful in terms of technical superiority and financial savings. It is therefore, not surprising that NASA in USA has replaced expensive chemical treatment for all its large size cooling towers by Ozone treatment. In many countries, including Japan, the bleaching of pulp and textile fibres are essentially done by Ozone and some little chemical treatment, replcing age old all chemical bleaching process. It has been found that not only by this process the monetary savings are substantial, but most importantly, the strength of the fibre or quality of the pulp does not deteriorate and there are huge savings in heat generation and CO2 emission per metric tonne of the product.
In municipal water supply, there are at least six large installations in France by the end of last decade which are fully Ozonated. In medicine, there are many therapies beyond the convention, where Ozone is used as gas at particular concentration directly in to the human body or in to the blood. In dentistry, simple ozonated water can be used even at home to cure many problems at different stages.

Ozone is a strong germicidal and an oxidant. Apart from that it is also credited for its odour and smoke suppression abilities.

Ozone is a poor man’s tool to fight many problems. In medicine, for example, there are diseases with which people learn to live (or die) throughout his / her life hopelessly because of the cost of treatment in the conventional way. But today, they are treated all over the country and the Globe by reputed practitioners and researchers who are finding various ways of ozone application by using clinical evidences and statistical results. The results are appearing in various scientific and medical journals.

We organize short seminars at different locations with different sections of people to explain and show the differences. Already thousands of poor or middle class people have started getting the benefits. We invite young and seasoned scientists to take up this subject to find out more economic and environmentally beneficial methods of doing many things. The applications range from water treatment to food processing to medicine and also works wonders at textile, paper and rubber industry. The large industries are willing to sponsor the researches on their own subjects and so the young scientists are finding challenging jobs.

You can write to us for the schedule of running workshops and ask about your technical problems.