FREE Calibration

FREE calibration of ozone output through latest UV and Ultra Sonic technologies – for all makers and users!
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Ozone Discolysis

In medical applications, Ozone has its own share of controversies. Apart from that the scientists and medical practitioners have developed different protocols and used it for remedy of several critical complications.


Designing for capacity & concentration selection



We help users in selecting capacities of ozone generators after knowing their actual work requirement and pattern.

If you are starting a new industry, irrespective of your commercial commitments, you can contact us with all the details to get an advice on the capacity and concentration required on the basis of technical feasibility and commercial viability. We also help in preparing a tender schedule for global publication.

If you are already using a product and having some confusion or problem, you can discuss the matter with us to find out a solution.

These services are given by our academic circle and are absolutely free from any obligation.

Concentrations may be tested at our laboratory to find out the viability of your existing equipment.