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Ozone Discolysis

In medical applications, Ozone has its own share of controversies. Apart from that the scientists and medical practitioners have developed different protocols and used it for remedy of several critical complications.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Ozone?
Ozone is an allotrope (another form) of Oxygen with three atoms in a molecule.

2. How is different from Oxygen?
Pure oxygen has two atoms in a molecule and Ozone has three atoms of oxygen in a molecule. This is the basic structural difference, but in this form it becomes a super-active oxygen.

3. What are the basic properties of Ozone?
Ozone is 51/2 times stronger oxidant than pure oxygen. It is more than 3,100 times stronger bactericidal than chlorine.

4. How Ozone is formed?
Ozone is formed by very high electrical potential difference through air or oxygen. Therefore, it is formed by lightning. Lightning strikes the ground 100-times a second on the earth. This is how mother nature produces ozone to destroy odors and contaminants. In air ozone generators, we do the same thing artificially.

5. What are the practical benefits of having Ozone?
a) Due to very strong oxidation, it renders the atmosphere absolutely bacteria free.
b) It increases the active oxygen content in the ambient air.
c) It oxidizes any smoke to make it non-poisonous and non-irritable.
d) The bad smell causing hydrocarbons are strongly oxidized, so that the smell is immediately gone and the stale ambiance becomes refreshing.

6. How does it kill bacteria?
It oxidizes the SH radical of the DNA molecule of bacterial cell and thus it gets separated from the body of the micro-organism, killing the latter immediately.

7. How the Oxygen content is increased, if only the aerial oxygen is converted to Ozone?
In the true sense of the term, number of atoms of oxygen in a given quantity of air remains same. But Ozone being 51/2 times stronger oxidant than pure oxygen, the active oxygen content increases by 51/2 times, thereby neutralizing the pollutants like bad odor, Sulfur oxides, carbon monoxides etc., killing micro-organisms and supplying additional ACTIVE oxygen for better respiration.

8. How does additional oxygen help in respiration?
Proper quantities of oxygen are needed for proper oxidation of the pollutants in the blood. If this action is not completed, the pollutants remain in our body and cause innumerable diseases. Otherwise these should have been oxidized and sent to kidney for easy outlet through urine.

Secondly, blood carries this all important oxygen to the entire body for the respiration of the billions of cells we are made of. If the respirations of these cells are not completed, some of the required cells would die and cause further diseases. "Cancer", according to twice Nobel Laureate, Dr. Otto Warburg, "has countless secondary causes, but there is only one prime cause (and that) is the replacement of the normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic cell respiration".

Thirdly, blood carries this oxygen to brain for proper functioning. We get tired and our mental capacities are not properly utilized, if there is dearth of oxygen supply to the brain.

9. In the age of anti-oxidants, how over oxidation by Ozone helps us?
Anti-oxidants are used for preventing further oxidation of cells & organs caused by bad food habits, tension and undisciplined lifestyles. But oxygen taken through respiration is not associated with that in anyway. As described above, respiratory oxygen is essential for blood purification and pulmonary disorders. How can we ignore that?

10. What is bonus in our product?
'0016 GW P' is fitted with inbuilt ioniser. Negative ions are medically proved to be excellent and compulsory for cellular nutrition and rejuvenation. Consult papers on this subject by internationally famous physicians on CD distributed free with the machines.