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HealthCare Product: MODEL 0019 – GW – P


Model 0019 – GW – P - This is a Analog model, perfectly calibrated and adjustable from 7 to 98 micrograms per ml at 1 to 2 litres per minute medical oxygen feed. Popularly used for Ozone Discolysis, Autohaemotherapy, Cardiac dialysis, Rectal / ear / vaginal insufflation, ophthalmology and gynecology (with special attachments)

OzonePedia Healthcare Product- 0023 – GW – P


Analog model. Adjustment from 7 to 98 micrograms per ml.
Self cooling type. Supported by timer.
Ozone output is auto regulated by FQS and ACMT microprocessors inside.
Calibration by latest technologies available.
Exported all over the World.
Admired for its heavy duty nature and user friendly interface.
Light weight and portable.
Economically priced in terms of the Global market.


Technical Details:

Dimensions: 340 mm x 360 mm x 125 mm
Power Consumption: 10 Watts, 220 Volts, 50 Hz per 1000 mg/hr.
Ozone Production: 7 to 98 micrograms per litre.
Recommended feed: Medical grade oxygen
Room Size that can be treated: 2,000 Cft approximately*
Oxygen flow: 1 to 2 litres / min, dry and filtered
Safety: Electrically intrinsically safe.
Not recommended for direct inhalation
Should not be used continuosly in a closed room.
Should use the support of timer provided.
Environmental Issue: No harmful byproduct.
Special Feature: Advanced models are available with Ozone sensor switches.
Restriction: Not to be used with lid open.

* For aerial disinfection