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Domestic Appliance: Model Range – ZEON




  • Multi tasking home appliance
  • Nominal power consumption
  • Measured output for Vegetable or Non – Vegetable wash
  • Renders food products bacteria free
  • Renders veg or non veg free from poisons of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Consumer friendly
  • Switches off automatically after each operation
  • Multiple options for versatile applications
  • Shock proof
  • Fully sterilize drinking water
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Proven therapeutic effects for oral ulcers or bad breath
  • Strong deodourization and sterilization of air and water
  • Deodourization of sea foods or refrigerator and even toilets
  • Prevents cross infections in patient’s room
  • Sterilization of utensils and patients’ (or kids’) linens


Technical Details:


Size: 300 mm x 340 mm x 300 mm (height)
Weight: 1.85 Kgs
Power consumption: 40 Watts, 220 V, 50 Hz
Recommended feed: Ambient air fed, Self cooling type Acclimatized at tropical atmosphere
Capacity: 1,240 mg per hour at 25 deg celcius temperature and 75% humidity
Principle of operation: Dry Electrolysis
Special Care: Very high frequency unit.
Avoid operating near any other HF unit to avoid interference.
Power supply line must have proper earthing.
Safety: Electrically intrinsically safe.
Not recommended for direct inhalation.
After each operation, the power supply should be switched off from the set.
Environmental Issue: No harmful byproduct.
Restriction: Not to be used with lid open.
Avoid using near direct heat.
Sprinkling water on the system should be strictly avoided.
Any physical damage or shaking must be avoided.
For calibrated output air flow has been limited to 10.1 CFH.