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Model Range – ENCLOSE




  • Blower type system capable of handling large volume in small time
  • Nominal power consumption – 25 to 40 watts at 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Patent applied for, with all indigenous components
  • Excess ozone sensor protected
  • Options for modification in ozone output according to need
  • Self cooling type
  • Small and portable
  • Heavy duty unit
  • Automatically switches itself on and off and runs continuously
  • Sterilizes air completely
  • Deodourizes enclosed area very fast
  • Works at wide range of temperature and humidity
  • Increases active oxygen percentage in a closed room
  • Suppresses smoke and clears stuffy air
  • Prevents cross infection


Technical Details:


Size: 300 mm x 140 mm x 150 mm (height)
Weight: 1.45 Kgs
Power consumption: 25 to 40 Watts, 220 V, 50 Hz
Recommended feed: Ambient air fed, Self cooling type
Acclimatized at tropical atmosphere
Capacity: 800 mg per hour at 25 deg celcius temperature and 75% humidity
Principle of operation: Dry Electrolysis
Special Care: Very high frequency unit.
Avoid operating near any other HF unit to avoid interference.
Power supply line must have proper earthing.
Safety: Electrically intrinsically safe.
Calibrated according to health recommendations
After each operation, the power supply should be switched off from the set
Environmental Issue: No harmful byproduct.
Restriction: Not to be installed below 8 ft from ground
Avoid using near direct heat.
Sprinkling water on the system should be strictly avoided.
Any physical damage or shaking must be avoided.
Back side fan acts as air supplier to HFC as well as it cools the system.